Mongolia is such a place!

Mongolia is such a place!

There are many sumo wrestlers who have excellent results, and there are many people who are fascinated by the food that originated in Mongolia, and as many people have imagined, it has a very magnificent nature. However, because it is magnificent, it is also characterized by being able to experience various nature .

Therefore, many people go on overseas trips for the purpose of enjoying delicious food at home or soaking in nature, and in addition to the vast grasslands along with the lush forests, there are also large lakes with abundant water. You can see very rare wild birds in the lake, and the plants are not found in other regions or countries.

And, as many people imagine, Mongolia is a country where nomads live while regularly moving through vast lands, and many people go on individual trips to experience gel once.

The very wide grassland is a landscape that can only be seen when you go to Mongolia, and if you look at the grassland that extends to the horizon, you can organize your feelings and face your heart once again.

Diverse lifestyles

Since Mongolia has a very large area, you can enjoy different facial expressions depending on the location, and if you go to the northernmost part, you can see evergreen coniferous forests , and together while growing reindeer, which is rare in the world. You can also get in touch with the people who live .

Since the guide is a Mongolian who can speak Japanese, it will be a good memory to come in contact with the words unique to a foreign country.