Operating company

Operating company

Company NameArea Travel Co., Ltd.
Sub-trade nameTabito no Tamago
Headquarters location〒103-0007
3-35-5 Nihonbashihama-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Office 30 3rd floor
Capital10 million yen
Travel agency registrationTokyo Governor Registered Travel Agency No. 3-5990
EstablishedJanuary 10, 2008
Affiliation association / organizationRegular member of Japan Association of Travel Agents (JATA)
Member of JATA Emergency Serious Accident Support System
board memberRepresentative Director Hiroaki Ishii
phone number03-5695-7605
Fax number03-5695-2017
BankMitsubishi UFJ Bank Odenmacho Branch
Mizuho Bank Kobunacho Branch
Sumitomo Bank Ningyocho Branch
Location of baseHeadquarters / Sales Headquarters
〒103-0007 [ Map ]
3-35-5 Nihonbashihama-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Office 30 3rd floor
Phone number 03-5695-7605 FAX number 03-5695-2017
business hoursMonday-Friday / Saturday 09: 30-18: 00
HolidayClosed on Sundays and public holidays
* A briefing session may be held on Saturdays.
At that time, normal business is closed.
Handling managerMami Takeuchi, General Travel Business Handling Manager
agencyOverseas Traveler Safety Business Mutual Aid Association

Code of Conduct (Corporate Policy)

We would like to contribute to international exchange and mutual understanding in the international community by promoting sound overseas travel.
Therefore, we will provide our customers with appropriate information regarding the customs, customs, lifestyles, etc. of their travel destinations, and will comply with the laws and regulations in force at their travel destinations.
We will not act in violation of the travel destination, mediate the provision of illegal services, or provide the convenience thereof.

We aim for sustainable tourism so that future generations can enjoy traveling abroad.
We respect the cultural and social systems of the region and would like to protect the natural environment and cultural heritage of the travel destination.

I am against tourism related to sexual abuse and exploitation of children around the world.
We will cooperate in actions to protect children from sexual exploitation in travel and tourism.

Safe “accident countermeasures”

[Tabibito no Tamago] At Area Travel,
・ JATA Travel Special Guarantee Insurance
・ JATA Travel Accident Countermeasures Cost Insurance
・ JATA Overseas Emergency Serious Accident Support System
・ We have JATA travel agency liability insurance.

Travel agency registration card

Registration number Tokyo Governor Registered Travel Agency No. 3-5990
Registration dateJanuary 10, 2008
Validity periodJanuary 10, 2018-January 9, 2023
nameArea Travel Co., Ltd. (secondary trade name Tabito no Tamago)
Sales office ■ Tokyo Head Office ■
3-35-5 Nihonbashihama-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Office 30 3rd floor
Phone number: 03-5695-7605 FAX number: 03-5695-2017
business hoursMonday-Saturday 09: 30-18: 00
HolidaySundays and public holidays
Comprehensive travel business
Handling manager
Mami Takeuchi
* The general travel business handling manager is the sales office that handles your travel.
The person responsible for the transaction.
If you have any questions about this travel contract, please contact us.
Please do not hesitate to ask the travel agency handling manager listed.
Affiliation Travel Agency AssociationRegular member of Japan Association of Travel Agents