3 cafes in Ulaanbaatar that have a delicious atmosphere

“Skyo” is a complex facility directly connected to Namba Station on the Nankai Main Line. On the 5th floor, there is “Cha-ryo Tsubo-shi Seicha Honpo Namba store”. The main store is the 170-year-old “Tsuboichi Seicha Honpo” in Sakai, Osaka. A tea appraiser goes directly to the tea-producing area and processes the tea leaves selected by his own connoisseurs in-house to continue making delicious tea. At the cafe created by such a tea shop, you can enjoy Japanese tea sweets that go well with tea.

Matcha sweets plate that you want to nominate if you want to enjoy matcha to your heart’s content

Specialized staff will carefully extract tea at the temperature and amount of water that match each tea leaf.

The main store “Cha-ryo Tsubo-shi Seicha Honpo” is located in Sakai City, Osaka, which is famous as a land related to Sen no Rikyu called Chasei. It is a long-established Japanese tea wholesaler founded in the Edo period, and it seems that there used to be hundreds of shops in the same industry in the neighborhood, but this is the only one that still exists. Tea leaves do not specify the place of origin, but keep the taste of the store by adjusting the composition every year to achieve the desired taste.

The interior is based on the image of “Yamai in the city,” which is the term for tea ceremony.

The cafe space is in the back of the product sales space. In addition to table seats, a large table that is easy for one person to use is also available.

It is a calm space like a tea room in a remote mountain while being in the city. The grid blocks your line of sight so you can relax and relax.

Premium matcha samadhi set (1749 yen) is a Namba store limited menu

The premium matcha samadhi set is a must-try for matcha lovers.

Four sweets using matcha are included in one plate.

Matcha terrine has a rich taste with a sticky texture like raw chocolate. The baked confectionery made with almond poodle, Matcha Porborun, has a refreshing texture. It melts in your mouth and the scent of matcha spreads. Matcha Rikyu Mochi, which is made by mixing matcha with white bean paste and wrapping it in fertilizer, is finished with a sprinkle of matcha. You can enjoy matcha from the first bite.

Homemade “Rikyu Matcha Ice Cream”

The matcha used in the tea dormitory is Uji matcha “Sakai no Kyo”, which has a solid richness. The premium matcha samadhi set comes with light tea brewed in this “Sakai no Kyo”, so you can enjoy matcha in all its forms.