This week’s Ulaanbaatar

[Morning street] has begun.

It is held on the right side of Sukhbaatar Square in the center of Ulaanbaatar as part of a project called “Early rising Ulaanbaatar” (!).
[Morning Street] is open from 6am to 9am.
** Currently for summer only

The street building has been reborn with a new look and is lined with many fashionable coffee shops and breakfast shops.
It seems that you can enjoy a wonderful time even on the open terrace.
It seems that the purpose of the project is not to eat and drink, but to get up early and use the walking course.

But … I’m still curious about cafes and mornings!

[Morning Street] has many stores such as coffee shops, various foreign breakfast morning shops, and the latest newspapers and magazines.
If you have time, please drop in at the cafe.

This time, I went to a restaurant that serves breakfast in Southeast Asia.

I ate something like meat soup and rice noodles pho, and stir-fried vegetables, eggs and noodles.
it was delicious! !!

The spices were unique.
Based on the taste of Thailand and Vietnam, it seemed to have a taste that was a little tailored to the Mongolians.
Maybe it’s good for brunch.

Next time I would like to have a bread cafe.

Bread is one of the things that you can feel familiar with the transition in Mongolia over the last 30 years.
The round, heavy and sour black bread is almost gone.
Nowadays, there are many breads that are soft and have a nice scent.

Especially toast in the morning. I wonder if I don’t have to toast.
It is recommended to eat simple bread with Mongolian berry jam and fresh cream.
From now on, Ta-no-shi-mi!

The above picture is the Juulchin Street.
Held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (6-9 o’clock)
At Jamiyan-Gun Street, every weekend (6-9 o’clock)
At the Prime Minister A.Amar’s Street, Friday, Saturday and Sunday (8-12 o’clock)

A walk in the morning in the summer and blue sky is the best.
Get up early and enjoy the [morning street]!



It seems that [Morning Street] will continue to be held at three locations around Sukhbaatar Square. A walk in the morning in the summer and blue sky is the best.
Get up early and enjoy the [morning street]!