Michelle Expo

Мишээл экспо (Michel Expo) 』

“Мишээл экспо (Michel Expo)” is held every November two or three times for the winter season, which is an exhibition and sale of a wide range of products such as various Mongolian domestic winter clothes, cold remedies and vitamins.

Мишээл экспо (Michel Expo)
Мишээл экспо (Michel Expo)

“Мишээл экспо (Michel Expo)” has been held since 2002 by Michel Expo Co., Ltd., which is said to be the first company in Mongolia to hold exhibitions and sales with various tastes every year.

Mongolian domestic exhibition spot sale

This exhibition and sale was not limited to domestic products, but there were many cosmetics and vitamins that came from abroad.
I went to the cosmetics department imported from Japan and had my skin inspected.
I am glad that there are many cosmetics that suit the harsh climate of Mongolia.

Mongolian domestic strengths

The cold winters of Mongolia, which can reach -50 degrees Celsius, are severe, and people demand warm, yet functional clothing to survive the winter.

At the exhibition, many products suitable for winter in Mongolia are on display and on sale , from room wear such as felt indoor wear using sheep hair to small items such as inner and outer wear, hats, mufflers and gloves.

During the winter, when the daylight hours are short, vitamins and cold remedies that can easily replenish minerals are also popular .

Overseas products are also available

In this “Мишээл экспо (Michel Expo)” , not only Mongolian domestic products but also many imported products from overseas were exhibited. There was a diverse lineup of cosmetics and vitamins.

I went to the cosmetics department imported from Japan.

I was able to have my skin quality inspected and find a cosmetic product made in Japan that suits it.

It was really nice to have a lot of cosmetics that suit the harsh climate of Mongolia.

Everyone by all means next year

Held every November, “Мишээл экспо (Michel Expo). 』\

Mongolian domestic products are lined up in a row.Please come and join us next year.
There are many clothes and accessories that you can comfortably spend in the harsh cold of winter.

We recommend accessories such as mufflers and hats! There are many cute designs, and you may find your favorite!