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The Mongolian people have a traditional diet from ancient times.

Mongolia is a nomadic people, and due to the severe climate change throughout the year, the dietary methods differed depending on the season in order to maintain good health. For example, in winter, it gets colder than -40 degrees Celsius, so eat a meat diet that warms your body and helps you to become more energetic.

In the spring, we eat “Boltz” dishes and dairy-rich meals.

“Borts” is dried meat, which means meat powder to make soup that is close to powder by drying the meat from November to February.

In the summer, eat fresh dairy products that are rich in vitamins and can be obtained from livestock, not meat.
In the fall, the meal is mainly “bolts” and meat.

In this way, there was a dietary habit in which the dietary content was different depending on the season.
In recent years, the traditional customs of seasonal ingredients and eating methods have been lost, and more and more people eat only meat and meat dishes throughout the year.

Along with that, it seems that more and more people are suffering from lifestyle-related diseases and various serious illnesses.
Studies have shown that traditional old people’s diets were less susceptible to dental and cancer than modern humans.

I heard the footsteps of the arrival of spring in Mongolia, so I decided to keep the old diet, so I went out to buy dairy products. I found a new dairy store near my house.
This store is a very fresh dairy specialty store ! This time, I would like to introduce this dairy product specialty store.

Retail store entrance
Retail store entrance

Dried dairy product “card”

“Card”, which is a dried dairy product, has different taste, shape, hardness, etc. depending on the manufacturing method.

There are many types such as sweet, sour, soft and hard types.
We often eat it as a snack.

Dried dairy product “card”

I’m really happy when I find a delicious “card”.

Dairy products are similar to wine, and even with the same formula, the taste is slightly different depending on the time of milking and the type of milk.
I like to buy dairy products at fresh and delicious specialty stores. It was really nice to be nearby!


“Ball Zog” is also sold at this shop.
“Ballzog” is a fried patisserie (bread confectionery) popular with Mongolians.

Ball zog
Ball zog

It’s relatively easy to make, but it’s a hassle. I sometimes make it myself, but I usually buy it.
The taste and shape of “Ball Zog” also differ depending on the shop and the person who makes it.

I prefer to be small and firm and chewy.

“Arroll” and “Hall Mog”

“Arroll” is one of the Mongolian cheeses and is dried cheese. It is relatively sour and comes in many shapes.
Nomad’s homemade Arroll is “the taste of your home”. There are slight differences in each home.
“Whole Mog” is in the PET bottle. It’s camel milk.

"Arroll" and "Hall Mog"
“Arroll” and “Hall Mog”

“Whole Mog” is a sour drink that is said to have a positive effect on the immune system.
It is rich in antioxidants that help remove bloating. If you warm it up a little and drink it, it will be delicious and effective.

The square in the middle is “yellow oil” = “chartos” = “butter”.
It’s high in fat, but it’s not persistent and it’s a delicious butter with a deep taste. It is generally sold by weight and can be put in a container.

Making dairy products by hand
Making dairy products by hand

A variety of dairy products are made from fresh and delicious livestock milk.

Price (MNT)


Raw milk: 2600
Heated milk: 2400
Yogurt: 2800
Ulm (coagulation cream): 15000
Mongolian cheese: 20000
Aarts (fermented milk card): 7000
Yellow oil / butter: 32000
Whey milk: 1000
Dry card: 23000, 25000, 30000
Eezgii (dry snack with milk and yogurt): 22000

There is only a dairy specialty store, and it handles a lot of fresh dairy products.

26 Khoroo, Bayanzurkh District, Ulaanbaatar

There are also many dairy products such as sheep, horses, camels and goats other than cows.
When you come to Mongolia, please try Mongolian dairy products!