Yoshinoya is also a killer in Mongolia!

The Yoshinoya is now in Mongolia!

I don’t think there are many Japanese people who don’t know the Yoshinoya restaurant.
The famous Yoshinoya opened in Mongolia.

It opened in Mongolia on January 14, 2022, but it was not easy to go.
However! Finally today! I was able to go on March 15th.

I came to the newly opened Yoshinoya restaurant in Mongolia to meet my friends and have lunch.

Nostalgic Yoshinoya characters
Nostalgic Yoshinoya characters

I miss you! !!

I felt like I was in Japan.

I have lived in Japan for about two years as an international student.
When I was in Japan, I loved the Yoshinoya, Matsuya, and Sukiya .

why? !!
Cheap and delicious-Vegetables and meat are well-balanced and healthy!
I thought it was fresh, warm and good for my body, so I was repeating it quite a bit.

The menu such as beef bowl is similar to Japan, and the taste is so good, I thought it was similar to Japan.

just. .. .. A little higher than Japan. The price is. ..

A full beef bowl is about 680 yen . It’s about 680 yen at the current rate, but in Japan it should have been around 450-600 yen.
The salary of Mongolians is not high compared to Japan.
The average monthly salary of Mongolians is about 60,000 yen in Japanese yen.

I can’t go to the Yoshinoya every day …

I wanted to work hard and come back again in order to put into practice the word “reward for myself” that I learned in Japan!

A painting that combines Mongolian culture and the Yoshinoya
A painting that combines Mongolian culture and the Yoshinoya